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Tweets About Mountain Dew Ice Tasting Like Sprite Will Make You Think Twice About The New Flavor

Whenever a brand new product is presented, trying out Twitter reactions is your absolute best guess to learn how persons are in point of fact feeling about it. The newest beverage beneath assessment is a brand new taste from Mountain Dew. The caffeinated cushy drink is getting a refreshing lemon-lime twist, however those tweets about Mountain Dew Ice tasting like Sprite may provide you with pause sooner than head out to grasp your personal case of the brand new soda.

The latest addition to the already scrumptious (simply sayin’) Mountain Dew lineup is a transparent lemon-lime flavored beverage. According to a Jan. nine Mountain Dew press free up, the PepsiCo-owned corporate is introducing Mountain Dew Ice (MTN DEW ICE) as, “…the answer for those looking for a thirst-quenching lemon-lime flavored beverage to keep them invigorated throughout the day.” The style of the caffeinated lemon-lime beverage is described at the Mountain Dew web page with words like “clear and refreshing.”

You could be questioning what separates Mountain Dew Ice from the pack in terms of its citrus soda competition, and the solution is the caffeine. Beverages like 7 UP, Sprite, and PepsiCo’s Mist Twist are all caffeine loose, in line with Brand Eating. That’s why Mountain Dew is touting that Mountain Dew Ice can ship on each the refreshing lemon-lime style and the caffeine jolt fronts.

Mountain Dew Ice used to be introduced in a video at the logo’s Twitter web page.

The new beverage will probably be to be had in shops national on Monday, Jan. 15 in numerous sizes, together with 12-packs of 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles.

Before you deal with your self, although, you may want to take a look at the reception that Mountain Dew Ice is already receiving thank you to a few early style testers — and it is receiving one very unanimous comparability. Spoiler: it is Sprite.


It’s already being known as a low level on this very new yr.

“The biggest travesty of 2018 is that Mountain Dew Ice is just Sprite…”

Maybe the lemon-lime connection is simply too shut for some other people.

“So Mountain Dew Ice is just Sprite.”

The quantity of lemon taste in Mountain Dew Ice used to be a sore spot.

While it won top rankings in opposition to Mist Twist, it used to be “slightly too lemony to make it better than Sprite.”

This assessment may just move both approach, but it surely sounds relatively sure.

So, is it a just right factor to be “fancy Sprite”?


Disney used to be introduced into the combo (?) with this Sprite comparability.

“The new Mountain Dew Ice tastes just like Sprite…”

For the file, Disney does now not personal PepsiCo, which owns Mountain Dew.

While one particular person concept it “tasted too much like Sprite,” they did not need to make up people’s minds for them.

“I though Mountain Dew Ice was terrible, but that’s my personal preference.”

There had been some props given to the brand new Mountain Dew Ice.  

While caution Sprite and seven UP, one fan mentioned, “That new Ice flavor you put out is going to kill them.”


Think of it like Sprite with an additional spice up.

“Mountain Dew Ice: the Sprite for caffeine lovers.”

Maybe it is just right for Sprite enthusiasts who’ve an ideal energetic candy enamel.

“Tastes like Sprite but with much more sugar.”

This ultimate Sprite comparability ends on a good be aware.

“Mountain Dew Ice. Not bad. It tastes like Sprite.”

So, when you’ve ever sipped a Sprite, you currently have an concept of what you could be expecting (in line with Twitter) when you partake within the new Mountain Dew Ice — plus caffeine, after all.

Is 2018 the yr of attempting new issues for you? Well, soda firms are it sounds as if right here that can assist you with that, as a result of Coca-Cola additionally only in the near past introduced numerous new Diet Coke flavors. To stay all of it citrus throughout the year, you’ll be able to grasp a brand new Ginger Lime or Zesty Blood Orange Diet Coke.

Once you have gotten your cola repair, you’ll be able to have your very personal style check to achieve a verdict at the new Mountain Dew Ice. You may sign up for the ranks of the Sprite comparisons, or you could move your personal rattling approach. Whatever occurs, you can be protecting it citrus-y cool in 2018.

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