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Daily Archives: October 10, 2018

The Best Diet Advice (and the Worst) According to the Pros

Since I started writing about diets and health in 2008, I’ve seen countless trends come and go (looking at you, HCG diet and “toning” shoes). I’ve also seen some truly awful advice posted on message boards and Facebook by people trying to shed pounds and—sadly—even by health professionals peddling quick …

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The Kitchen Tools Our Editors Can't Live Without

If you make food at home, you probably have the basics covered: pots and pans, cutting board, mixing bowls, et cetera. But have you ever walked into your kitchen thinking there’s something missing… but you don’t know what? Well, we asked our editors about their favorite kitchen tools, and let’s …

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Goby Review: The Toothbrush That Made Me a Better Brusher

About a year ago my dentist recommended I switch to an electric toothbrush. I’m a minimalist, so I wasn’t thrilled about swapping out my Japanese charcoal brush for an Oral-B clunker. But clearly my manual guy wasn’t getting the job done, so I sucked it up and added the least-offensive …

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Is Dairy Bad for You? Here Are the Facts

Is it criminal to put pineapple on pizza? Is avocado toast overrated? Should we all really be terrified of gluten? Should mayonnaise even be allowed to exist? When it comes to food and health, there’s no shortage of polarizing opinions on any given subject, but if there’s one topic that’s …

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Period Sex: All Your Questions Answered

Period sex can be great, but let’s not kid ourselves: This is messy fun. But once you get past the blood, you realize that period sex can be just as great, if not sometimes better than sex the rest of the month. Besides, who wants to put their sex life …

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