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Why Female Runners Are Facing More Challenges Than Ever

Content Note: Assault and Sexual Harassment I run to escape the day-to-day stress, the kind that grinds us all down: unanswered work emails, dishes that somehow pile up in the sink, the general lack of hours in the day. It feels so freeing to literally outrun my stressors, even if …

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How to Handle a Toxic Sibling

If The Brady Bunch were a reflection of real life, siblings wouldn’t have any troubles worse than slight jealousy and the rare football-throwing mishap. But as you may have noticed from your lack of bell bottoms and days that don’t end in cheesy life lessons, The Brady Bunch is pretty …

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The Best Leggings for Each Type of Workout

If you’re someone who likes to mix up their workouts, you’ve probably realized that monogamy isn’t a thing when it comes to leggings. It might sound silly, but not all leggings are created equal. Some have high waistbands, while others sit low on your hips. Some are moisture-wicking, and others …

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2018 | Greatist

Sure, you can go pick up stocking stuffers at the Dollar Store like every other year. Personally, though, we’d rather save ourselves a trip. Amazon, with its enormous selection of items and gloriously free shipping, is our preferred place to shop for all the little items that fill in the …

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3 Easy Ways to Be Nicer to Yourself

<!– The other morning was like a comedy of errors. I messed up an Uber order and had to pay the cancellation fee, then I got a yellow taxi and left my nice, new umbrella inside (and, of course, it absolutely poured later that day)! I arrived at my meeting, …

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