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Is Tequila Good for You if You’re on the Paleo Diet?

“I’ll have a tequila and soda with extra lime, please!” says a Paleo’er on a Friday night. OK, so did cavemen really sit around the fire drinking booze? That’s a big fat no, but modern day Paleo men and women seem to have made tequila their beverage of choice during …

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How Long Does Sex Last?

If you’re having heterosexual sex, the straight (heh) answer is this: The average time it takes men to ejaculate after entering the vagina is seven minutes, so add another 30 minutes of foreplay in front of that to get a total of about 40 minutes, says board-certified urologist and men’s …

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9 Fruit Desserts That Are As Healthy As They Are Sweet

Want a taste of the tropics without even needing to venture outside? (OK, if you’re using a grill, you may have to go outside.) These lime-spiced pineapple spears are just the right amount of tart, sweet, juicy, and indulgent. Sweetened with honey and jazzed up with toasted coconut flakes and …

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Athleisure Pieces You can Actually Wear to Work

If you’re the kind of person who rises with the sun to catch a workout before heading to the office, you’re most likely running around with a bag full of clothes. Getting ready on the go is tough enough without having to iron your clothes with a hair straightener or …

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Is a Natural Sleep Aid OK to Use Consistently?

Can’t sleep? You’re not alone—around one in three people suffer from some form of insomnia. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, it’s tempting to reach for a sleep aid to help you get that much-needed shut-eye. And there are tons of options on the market, from prescription …

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