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12 Weed Cookies for an Extra-Happy Holiday

When cookie dough cravings hit, cookies that require zero baking are a must. Usually sneaking a chunk of cookie dough means risking the chance of a belly ache after eating raw egg. This recipe, on the other hand, is thrown together sans egg, with weed butter, light brown sugar, granulated …

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17 Porridge Recipes That Will Keep You Cozy

Not everyone enjoys filling up on oats in the morning. If you fall into that category but still crave a hearty, warming breakfast, try an option that combines fruit, nuts, and healthy fats (think nut butter and chia seeds) as its base. Apple’s sturdy flesh make it the perfect pick, …

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Dry Elbows: How to Treat Bumpy, Itchy Skin

Is there a sillier part of the body than the elbow? It’s for the best that it’s so hard to see those odd, wrinkly, stretchy, pointy things unless we try really hard. And yet, if neglected—particularly as the cold air of winter begins to dry us out from head to …

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15 Vegan Recipes So Cheesy You Won’t Believe It

This fully-loaded nacho dish has everything you could dream up in a party plate. The trusty cheese alternative here is miraculously made up of potatoes, carrots, yeast, lemon juice, onion powder, and garlic powder but, shh, your guests don’t have to know that. Plus, this recipe is ideal for both …

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Fitness Gifts That Fitness Lovers Will Appreciate

So you have a gym rat on your hands. Or a cardio bunny. Or a BRB-gonna-go-for-a four-hour-bike-ride-in-the-freezing-cold-real quick-talk-to-you-after type. We get it: We know a lot of these people too. So we tapped into them to see what fitness lovers really, truly want for the holidays. The gift ideas they …

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