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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally With Food

We all know the common (delicious) culprits that stain our pearly whites. Coffee, tea, red wine: We see you. But are there any foods or drinks that can actually do the opposite? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Not only can the right foods and drinks help scrub …

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19 Seitan Recipes That Will Make You Love It

By now, tofu and tempeh are widely known as awesome alternatives to meat. Add mushrooms and legumes to the list, and you’re good to go as far as plant-based substitutes go—well, almost good to go. There’s one more important—and seriously amazing—option that needs to be in your vegan protein repertoire: …

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What Helps You Poop? | Greatist

Everybody does it. No one wants to discuss it. But what does your poo say about you? Turns out—quite a bit. Taking a peek into the throne can actually help us understand what’s going on with our bodies. Bowel movements reflect our overall digestive health and are indicators that our …

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This Apple Nachos Recipe Is Perfect for a Game-Day Snack

Every Monday on our Instagram stories, we share a super-easy, seven-ingredients-or-less recipe. Follow us for a new episode each week! Fall isn’t just fun because of sweater weather, PSLs, and apple picking. It’s also fun because it’s football season! And football season is fun because it means snacks on snacks …

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What Is Asexual and What Does Asexual Mean?

Sexuality is different for everybody. Some people notice sexual attraction right away, while others only experience sexual attraction if there is a strong emotional or intellectual shared connection first. EDITOR’S PICK {{displayTitle}} And some people don’t experience sexual attraction or interest in sex whatsoever, or they experience very mild or …

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7 Healthy Fall Getaways to Book Right Now

As savvy travelers know all too well, fall is the season for scheduling a rejuvenating weekend excursion. Summer crowds have started to dwindle, the ski bunnies have yet to hit the slopes, and the raucous kiddos have (finally) gone back to school, leaving you to enjoy your peace and quiet …

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