Is Smudged Mascara Post-Sex Hideous? I Investigated & The Reactions Are Shocking

It’s attention-grabbing how a lot maximum cis instantly males do not perceive about make-up. I do not care if I seem like a raccoon publish hookup. TBH, I suppose it is kinda badass. However, I’ve discovered that the boys I’ve dated do not really feel the similar method. Is smudged mascara post-sex hideous to men? Do we actually care what they suspect anyway? Stay tuned for solutions all through this deep dive into the societally-dictated masculine psyche and the handfuls of funny tales we makeup-wearers need to percentage.

When I used to be a youngster, I used to be tremendous conscious about my publish make-out smudged make-up face. I used to deliver a caboodle stuffed with make-up (now not joking) to my highschool boyfriend’s space to cover the proof of what had came about (most commonly from his circle of relatives, however nonetheless). Now, I could not care much less what my dates take into consideration my post-hookup face. I for my part in finding it horny and rock n’ roll to game smeared mascara. However, it is value noting that now not each man I’ve dated has felt the similar method.

Most just lately, the fellow I’ve been seeing offhandedly commented on my smeared mascara in some way that I’m certain intended not anything to him, however made me boil like a pot of ramen deep within for a fast, fleeting second. Said man, who’s in most cases tremendous supportive and captivating in relation to all my make-up endeavors, identified my smudged mascara after I unintentionally on-purpose slept in my make-up. “Your undereyes look dark,” he stated. “I think it’s your mascara.” Now kudos to him for realizing what mascara is, but additionally… do not level this out to me. I’m utterly conscious about it already, thankyouverymuch.

My editor had a identical enjoy with a man she’s been seeing. Like the seasoned attractiveness editor that she is (and rather in contrast to my irresponsible self), she washed her face prior to going to mattress, however failed to take away all of her mascara. As everyone knows, this occurs incessantly to the most efficient folks. Upon seeing the rest of her smudged mascara, her date stated, “Isn’t it bad to sleep in your makeup?” This reaction turns out… a bit of kinder. After all, he sought after to make certain that her pores and skin and eyes had been secure from the damages of drowsing in make-up! Then once more, it used to be the teeniest, tiny little bit of mascara… so why now not simply let her snooze in peace with none trace of make-up mansplaining?

This made me marvel: do guys really suppose your post-sex raccoon make-up is hideous? If so, why? It’s actually simply make-up.

Like the right kind make-up Nancy Drew that I am, I made up our minds to succeed in out to my closest pals to peer if they’d any insightful smudged mascara reports to percentage.

Some pals stated they have by no means had mascara smudge post-coitus, to which I requested, WTF magical mascara are you the use of and are you able to ship some my method? Some have by no means won unfavorable feedback as a result of they are certain the blokes do not even understand:

  • “I think this is something that is unavoidable if you’re wearing makeup while hooking up. If anything, it shows that you were really into your partner because you just said ‘f*ck the black tears’ and kept going. I’ve never had any partners react negatively. If anything, I was offered a tissue.” This remark used to be punctuated with a teary smily emoji.
  • “If my makeup is melting, you must be doing something right,” one buddy stated.
  • Similarly, I additionally won the reaction, “if you don’t look like you’ve been through it, he obviously isn’t f*cking you right.” Welp. There you cross.
  • “Honestly, I don’t really care how I look when making out,” any other answered, “and guys are too focused on their penises to say something about my mascara.” Sounds authentic.
  • “I don’t really mind when my mascara smears when I have sex, but I hate when my husband makes moves on me right after I’ve finished my makeup. Like, you couldn’t have done that when I was fresh out of the shower, buddy? I’m not ruining this face now!” Good level.
  • “The look doesn’t really bother me, however, since I wear contacts, if little mascara particles get in my eyes, we’d have problems. He doesn’t care (though). He says it looks like we actually got work done.”

However, the vast majority of the responses my pals have won from their previous companions appear to be unfavorable, questionable, or utterly complicated at highest:

  • One buddy had a BF who merely did not perceive the rules of make-up (and in all probability physics and common sense). She has a favourite mascara that does generally tend to flake so much after intercourse, and even simply from making out, however she continues to put on it as a result of she does not in particular care. One time, she used to be mendacity in mattress along with her BF on the time and he, reputedly randomly, stated, “OK, why don’t we talk about it?” Confused, she answered, “what?” The former BF answered, “You are obviously crying. I can tell because your eyes are all smudgy.” Nope, she wasn’t crying. She simply used to be basking in all her raccoon-eyed glory.
  • Another buddy connected with an ex who, after horny occasions, stated, “Your mascara is smudgy.” Not rather certain of what else to mention, she stated, “OK, well, sorry.” He answered, “No, it adds to your mystique.” To at the present time, she’s now not rather certain what that in reality intended. She’s additionally now not rather certain that he in reality is aware of what mystique method.
  • One of my Korea-based friends stated that she, rather like my editor, has had guys name her out on her mascara smudges when she fails to scrub her make-up off totally prior to a post-hookup bathe. In America, her dates had extra of an inclination to simply succeed in up and wipe the smudge away, she added.

Generally, the make-up wearers themselves love the glance of post-sex smeared mascara. The phrases “sexy,” and “punk rock” had been thrown about with reckless abandon. Some of my pals merely comic story about their “panda” and “raccoon” eyes once they really feel just like the glance is a bit of… excessive. A in particular empathetic buddy famous that she’s much less involved in how she appears, and extra involved in now not getting it all over the place her spouse’s face, which is comprehensible. Been there, carried out that, almost wrote the transfer-proof make-up novel.

A pair responses did shake me to my very core. Those that did not have unfavorable responses to percentage usually stated guys do not merely understand. However, 3 of my excellent pals famous that their companions in reality love (and kinda want) the smeared, post-sex messiness:

  • Though she for my part hates the glance of smudged mascara and is going to wipe it off straight away, my good friend’s BF tells her to go away it. “Every time I talk about trying a more waterproof mascara, he’s like, ‘you really don’t have to.'” He’s the 8th marvel of the arena!
  • “My husband loooves raccoon eyes. Loves to see the black tears running down my face when I’m… (you get the idea). Direct quote: ‘It’s unicorn sex if I’m crying tears of glitter.'” He likes smudged mascara and glitter? Keep him endlessly.
  • One of my male pals stated rather a couple of ex-BFs most popular the make-up mess. “I did date a dude who got off on makin’ out with me while I had a red lip on. Also, (I) painted a dude’s face as foreplay one time. That was super hot.” TBH, it sounds scorching to me, too.

Out of the entire generously-offered replies, this type of reaction makes essentially the most logical sense to me. Why do not extra males recognize the tangible proof of the intercourse that has came about? Can’t ensure that. Guys are laborious to know 99 p.c of the time.

Speaking of, I did requested a pair my cis instantly man pals to weigh in at the matter, they usually stated the next:

  • “Post sex doesn’t look/smell great on me either, so whatevs.” Short, candy, and to the purpose.
  • “I kind of see it as like… Well you know when you go to the gym or do something physically demanding? You don’t expect to come out looking ready for a night on the town. You expect to come out looking rosy-cheeked with a few sweat stains. I see this the same way. Oh, your mascara is smeared? And?” Quite the wholesome reaction, if I do say so myself.

I do not I’ll ever rather snatch the reasoning in the back of the width and breadth of the mascara smudging responses, however simply know, you might be now not on my own to your post-coital raccoon eyes. Proudly game them then again you wish to have to and do not give an eff what your date says. At the top of the day, I’m certain those guys a lot moderately be having the intimate time together with your than now not, smudged mascara and all.

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