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Introducing BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine

For thousands of years Turmeric has been used in traditional and natural medicine for a whole range of different health complaints. Having become the focus of various scientific studiesTurmeric has consequently has been backed by leading health professionals around the world for its all round health and vitality benefits. Remarkably, when compared to conventional medicines, Turmeric’s 100% herbal and natural benefits are equal to many pharmaceutical medications.

  • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory [1][2]
  • Supports Joint & Muscle Health [9][10]
  • Whole Body Detoxification [17][18]
  • Promotes Healthy Mood Balance [22]
  • Lowers Cholesterol [34][35]
  • Reduces Fatigue and Tiredness [18][19]
  • Promotes Youthful Radiant Skin [33][42]
  • Boosts Cognitive Function [38][44]

When choosing a Turmeric Curcumin supplement it is important that you select a high quality standardised extract for maximum effects. Our premium Turmeric complex features pharmaceutical grade Turmeric along with pure piperine. When combined the bioavailability and absorption of Curcumin is increased by up to 2000% [1]. Enabling each BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin capsule to go beyond the capabilities of any other Turmeric product!

Turmeric Curcumin Benefits
Curcumin is the most active pharmacological agent within Turmeric and is responsible Turmeric’s exceptional medicinal properties. Biochemical studies have further revealed that Curcumin contains a wide range of nutrients including; Vitamin C, Calcium, Fibre, Iron, Zinc, Niacin, Potassium and Beta-Carotene [3].

Key Benefits

Taken once daily, each capsule has been shown to have profound benefits in improving overall health, assisting with inflammation and associated symptoms as well as preventing or reversing mental degeneration. [8][16][17][18][19]

✓ Fights body wide inflammation
Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory with recent studies proving it matches the effectiveness of over the counter anti-inflammatory agents as well as prescription medications. [1] The natural anti-inflammatory compound works by targeting multiple steps within the inflammatory pathway and effectively reduces inflammation at a molecular level. [4][5][6]

Curcumin Turmeric MoleculeNF-kB molecules play a major role in immune system response and low-level inflammation in almost every chronic disease [4][5][6] (arthritis, cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, septic shock) as well as synaptic plasticity and memory processes. [9][10][11][12][13] Curcumin enables you to bring your body back into balance and promote an inflammatory reduction by blocking the NF-kB molecules. [7][8]

By effectively eliminating low-level inflammationCurcumin can alleviate pain while improving function in people with inflammation – WITHOUT the side effects associated with equal strength anti inflammatory drugs. [14][15]

Turmeric Curcumin Graph

  • 63% reduction in pain killer use.
  • 59% reduction in pain and stiffness.
  • 67% reduction in digestive problems.
  • 346% increase in distance walked on treadmill.

✓ Detoxification
Curcumin has exceptionally powerful antioxidant properties. Biochemical analyses has clearly demonstrated Curcumin’s ability to deliver a powerful two pronged attack against free radicals. [16][17] It works by optimizing the function of the liver, the body’s primary organ for detoxification while also boosting the activity of the body’s own antioxidant enzymes[18][19][20]

Pure Turmeric CurcuminFree radicals happen as a result of natural oxidation in the body, which damages cells and creates a “weakness” for illness and disease. [32] As you age your natural defence against free radicals becomes less effective, as cells accumulate free radical damage over time. This is why many researchers believe that Curcumin can help prevent many age related diseases, by eliminating and preventing free radicals from oxidizing biological molecules. This will also enhance neuronal mechanisms and alleviate oxidative stress.

Further research shows Curcumin provides whole body antioxidant support, from the increased production of cytokines which regulates immune response – to membrane strengthening that will benefit overall health and fitness[33]

✓ Lower Cholesterol
If you want to lower your cholesterol to improve overall health, Turmeric Curcumin is one of the best natural cholesterol controlling mechanisms available! [34]

Both cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are considered the most important pre-indicators for person’s risk of cardiovascular disease, artery disease and strokes. Cholesterol can combine with calcium, fat and other substances in the blood to form plaque build up within arteries.[33] This causes a decrease in blood flow which then affects the function of the cells and organs that these blood vessels supply.

Turmeric Curcumin Health Benefits
By taking Turmeric Curcumin once daily not only is your body able to lower LDL cholesterol and prevent oxidation, which will suppress plaque build-up within arteries,[35] but maintain and significantly increase healthy cholesterol[36]

Turmeric Curcumin Graph Data
Research has shown that even after eating a high-fat diet, Turmeric Curcumin maintained and obtained normal, healthy cholesterol levels! Health benefits include an improved ability to digest fats, reducing bloating and gas. All these factors reduce energy, muscle health, fitness and generally make it harder to be healthy.

✓ Cognitive Function
Cell regeneration is a natural function of the brain; you can aid and accelerate this process with Turmeric Curcumin to help fight against cognitive decline. Cognitive abilities are brain-based mechanisms that determine how well we remember, problem solve and pay attention. [31] On varying levels all of us will experience cognitive decline with age, the spectrum of decline ranges from normal cognitive aging to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Pure Turmeric Curcumin Chemical MoleculeBDNF in the frontal lobe is responsible for cognitive function and is responsible for making ‘brain protein’. [26][23] Many common brain disorders are linked to decreased levels of this hormone, including depression, dementia and alzheimer’s. [27][28] Therefore maintaining BDNF levels is essential for good cognitive healthand giving your body the best chance to prevent many cognitive related illnesses. [35][24]

You can naturally increase BDNF with Turmeric Curcumin to help fight various degenerative processes[29][30] Unlike many pharmaceuticals which are aimed at single targets, Turmeric Curcumin not only increases BDNF by encouraging neurogenesis (the growth of new neurons) [35] but will also defend the brain against neuroinflammation damage. It does so by blocking the activation of microglia cells, which cause neuroinflammation. [36]

Turmeric Curcumin is vital for those wanting to give their brain the best possible chance to delay age related cognitive deterioration and prevent decreases in brain function. [37][38][39]

✓ Healthy Mood Balance
Turmeric Curcumin can help restore your balanceimprove your mood and promote feelings of well-being[42][43][44] A recent study in depressed patients showed that Turmeric Curcumin was as effective as Prozac in alleviating the symptoms of depression[26][23] Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is a protein which plays an important role in this.

Turmeric Curcumin CapsulesBy regulating the levels of various neurotransmitters, Turmeric Curcumin’s antidepressant effects also reduce anxiety by boosting docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) levels. [40] DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid which is essential for brain function[41]

If you are seeking an effective and long lastingnatural antidepressant, Turmeric Curcumin can certainly help. Carefully balanced to encourage neurotransmitter activity essential for positive mood and a calm mind. [41][42][43][44]

✓ Radiant Clear Skin
Beyond Turmeric Curcumin’s benefits for physical and mental health, you can also expect the ultimate skin care from within. The skin boosting nutrients within Turmeric Curcumin multi-task to hydrate, elasticise and add radiance to your skin. [42][43][44]

Pure Garcinia CambogiaOne of the mutual underlying causes of skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis is inflammation of the skin. Due to Turmeric Curcumin’s dynamic anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Turmeric Curcumin has been shown to calm symptoms of such skin conditions. [42]Because Turmeric Curcumin works so effectively for cleansing, rebuilding and repairing many manifestations of skin disease – rashes, swelling, irritation and dryness are repaired since Turmeric Curcumin helps increase connective tissue formation and promote blood flow [46]. It also protects the skin by improving collagen production[33][44]

Benefits can also be seen by those with oily skin, because of Turmeric Curcumin’s fatty acid and phytosterols content, facial oil can be reduced by a massive 25%[45]

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin? BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin is suitable for both men and women, who want to achieve good health, re-establish balance and even defy the effects of aging. Countless clinical studies have proven Turmeric Curcumin to be the most unique, effective and simplest way to cleanse, rebuild and repair.

Can BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin be taken with medication? BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin may be used alongside medications as it is free from any drugs and hormones, however for specific advice on taking BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin with medicines, we recommend you should contact your doctor first.

What are the ingredients and how long does each bottle last? Each bottle contains 60 capsules, with each capsule containing 700mg of the highest concentration maximum strength 100% pure organic Turmeric extract (curcuma longa) currently available on the market, along with an added 5mg of bioperine per capsule. This 700mg of purest grade Turmeric extract, providing 95%+ curcuminoids, is equivalent to 14,000mg of Turmeric powder! Each bottle can comfortably provide a 60 day high strength course, however some experienced users may wish to up their dosage to 2 capsules per day for faster results. Please note that this is the highest strength Turmeric currently available on the market – you simply cannot find better elsewhere!

How should I take BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin? As a health supplement begin by taking 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach with at least 8fl oz of water. Although 1 high strength capsule per day is adequate to deliver the aforementioned benefits, after tolerance levels are determined you may progress to 2 capsules if required.

How long before I see the extensive benefits from BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin? All users should begin to see initial benefits from within the first few weeks of regular use. The longer you take BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin the greater the results.

Are there any side effects from BioPharmX™ Turmeric Curcumin? We take every precaution necessary to ensure that each product is 100% herbal and natural in nature and is side effect free.

How long does shipping take? We ship Monday through Friday and always ship within 24 hours upon receiving your order. We guarantee the best service possible, and send all packages priority, so it will be with you next working day. Your bottles are discreetly packaged, with no indication on the package as to what it contains.

How can I be sure that I have been supplied with a genuine Biogen Health Science product?Always check your products carefully to ensure authenticity. If in doubt then return the item to the supplier and ask for a full refund.

Genuine T5 Fat Burners ProductBioPharmX™ offers a complete quality guarantee to provide you with total peace of mind when purchasing any of their weight management dietary supplements. Their products reflect core values of award winning quality and efficiency – and they only ever source and select the highest grade possible, all natural ingredients. This is to consistently ensure all products within the range are 100% safe and side effect free. Their manufacturing department is within the UK and is MHRA licensed, GMP certified and ISO accredited, operating within compliance of relevant laws and regulations.

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T5 Fat Burning Patch is an exciting and revolutionary new break through for kick starting your fat burning course. Not only is it designed to increase fat cell lipolysis using transdermal administration but also an amazing way to start a truly aggressive fat burning cycle. There is increasing scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of transdermal fat burning, and this patch provides a fantastic opportunity for you to experience this cutting edge technology yourself. Try this great new T5 Fat Burning Patch today and see for yourself!

How does the T5 Fat Burning Patch work?

T5 Fat Burners Patch AbsThis T5 Fat Burning Patch employs new nano-magnet technology to deliver potent T5 fat lipolysising results in a unique and effective transdermal delivery system. Studies show that the rate of effect using a transdermal patch is higher than taking pills because it bypasses the digestive system and quickly passes through the skin into the human circulation system through the navel area. A two tiered attack also means that the magnetic waves emitted from the nano-magnet produce a similar effect to acupuncture treatment. Thus promoting the de-polymerisation of blood cells and platelets through improving the order of extra-cellular ions and non-ionic substances. When acting on the skin it helps to releases the nutrition and negative oxygen ions accumulated in the body. The ultimate in focused fat burning and detoxification! With an increase in energy levels and fat burning abilities it is simple to apply and great for an astounding boost. Just apply the patch directly onto the navel area for the recommended 12 hours and see the results for yourself.

What can the T5 Fat Burning Patch do for me?

Not only is it simple to use but it’s great for all of the following reasons:-

T5 Fat Burners Patch Ingredients Transfer
  • Significant enhancement of the endocrine system
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  • Helps eliminate accumulated body toxicity
  • Enhancement of energy levels
  • 100% safe and no negative side effects

In order to get the best results it is recommended to use the T5 Fat Burning Patch for at least 28 days for optimal results. Only one patch can be used at any one time and only once for no more than 12 hours.

Who can use the T5 Fat Burning Patch?

The T5 Fat Burning Patch is suitable for both males and females over the age of 18 years and is for external use only. Pregnant or lactating women are not advised to use this product. Those with skin allergies are advised to consult a doctor before use. Do not apply the patch onto broken skin. This product can only be used once for no more than 12 hours.

Where do I wear the T5 Fat Burning patch?

It is suggested to apply the T5 Fat Burning Patch to the navel area, as it has been clinically proven that this area of the body provides for a larger concentration of blood vessel and capillary veins allowing the skin permeation process to work more effectively, by giving the compound ingredients direct access to the body. The navel area is where the thinnest fat tissue can be found, making it sensitive to external stimulation, and absorbing the natural active ingredients through the navel skin is the fastest way to bring its effect into the circulation system of the body. Further detailed directions of how to apply can be found on the packaging.

T5 Fat Burners Patch Ripped Abdominals
How long does a T5 Fat Burning Patch last for?

Each T5 Fat Burning Patch can only be used once. It is recommended to wear the T5 Fat Burning Patch for no more than 12 hours. Only one patch can be worn at one time. The T5 fat Burner Patch is an excellent way to kick start the best possible T5 Fat Burner course and can be used alongside T5 Fat Burners capsules at the start of your course for the first 5 days or longer if preferred (see our other auctions to buy additional patches separately).

Is the T5 Fat Burning patch safe to use?

The active ingredients are 100% safe and effective with no side effects or harmful chemicals to provide you with only the best and safest results as possible. T5 Fat Burning Patch has passed allergy tests for those of all skin types.

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