These Khloe Kardashian Baby Name Theories On Twitter Are Actually So, So Good

The Kardashian circle of relatives’s long run is maximum for sure feminine. The international used to be thrilled when Kim Ok presented us to her daughter, Chicago. We cried tears of pleasure after we discovered that Kylie used to be in truth pregnant all alongside and had a toddler woman named Stormi. And then, within the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on March four, we discovered that Khloé and boyfriend Tristan Thompson predict… yep, you guessed it: A GIRL! As quickly as lovers discovered the intercourse of the newborn, the Baby Name Speculation Train wheels have been in movement. While some ideas appeared to pop out of left box, different Khloé Kardashian child identify theories from across the interwebs had some promise of being a real risk for the soon-to-be mother.

We will have to first most definitely get started with the most obvious: Khloé Kardashian has mentioned prior to now that if she used to be having a daughter, she’d imagine a reputation that get started with the letters Ok or T. On Jan. four, Khloé went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and advised DeGeneres that she and Tristan sought after to determine the intercourse of the newborn, pronouncing, “There’s too many surprises in this whole thing that I’m definitely going to know.”

I utterly really feel that. If I used to be having a toddler, there’s NO approach I may wait till I gave start to understand in finding out the intercourse.

Khloé then mentioned imaginable names if she used to be having a boy, pronouncing, “I think if it’s a boy, I’ll go with Tristan Junior,” which might have completely been a forged selection. But she used to be not sure when it got here to naming the newborn if she used to be having a lady. She mentioned, “For a girl I don’t even know where to begin. I think I’ll go with a K or a T name though.”

TheEllenShow on YouTube

While the naming chances are apparently unending, opting for a moniker that starts with a Ok or T that additionally works for his or her little circle of relatives could be a little bit of a role.

More lately, a fan requested Khloé on Twitter if she had her daughter’s identify picked out but:

And Khloé if truth be told answered:

Luckily, Twitter stepped in with some concepts. How considerate!

Some lovers utterly unnoticed the truth that Khloé mentioned she used to be making an allowance for a reputation that began with a T or a Ok:

While others concept she may move with the identify of a spot a là Kim Kardashian’s daughter, Chicago West:

And after all, many lovers chimed in with weather-related names to compare cousin Stormi:

Hoping past hope that those other people simply had jokes, and all these were not *exact* ideas. To be truthful, despite the fact that, a few of them did get started with a Ok or a T.

But this brings us to the names that if truth be told may have a profitable probability at being selected as the following Kardashian identify:

No lie, a few of these are legitimately lovely. Bravo, Twitter!

There are some individuals who assume that Khloé goes to call her daughter after somebody in her or Tristan’s circle of relatives, which I might be utterly down for:

Perhaps she’ll imagine paying tribute to her father, Robert, and identify her daughter Robbie or Robyn… however that does not move with the Ok or T motif, so perhaps no longer. It’s any person’s recreation, in point of fact, and at this level, Khloé herself nonetheless appears to be not sure.

There is one identify that I have never observed but that may paintings in point of fact, in point of fact smartly. Khloé, in case you are studying this, I’ve a perfect advice: Karen. Maybe I am biased, however I have all the time concept the identify used to be great and conventional — It’s elegant with out being stuffy, no? It may well be highest on your latest addition, so simply take into accounts it for me, OK?

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